E-Books In, Ink-Books Out

Trade books have always been my favorite to read. Textbooks allow me to advance my knowledge while best-sellers help me to escape the confines of my own world and relax before bedtime. Unlike magazines and newspapers with advertising-revenue based businesses, I don’t have to worry about being sold a brand or interrupted with pop-up advertisements online.

Currently I read books on my Barnes & Noble Nook, an e-book reader with built-in web browser. I don’t have a chance to read as often as I would like though, for I have small children to raise now who keep me busy, along with a husband, continuing education and full time job. I will always have a place in my heart for paperback books but electronic books are so much more convenient for my lifestyle.

I found it interesting to consider that most people use the internet (i.e. Wikipedia) for reference nowadays, instead of the usual paper-bound dictionaries and encyclopedias. That is true in my own case as well. I remember growing up watching the paid advertisements for Encyclopedia Britannica on television. I longed to be one of those children whose “well-off” parents were able to afford such a set. The seemingly endless texts of knowledge were beyond my reach, due primarily to cost. Even in youth, academia was magical. Now, information is more accessible.

I still have dreams of housing my all-time favorites books in a physical in-house personal library, but at the moment, my home is already lacking space. For now, I will stick with the electronic versions and I am truly grateful for them.

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