Leisure Time Analysis

How, if at all, have video games changed my use of leisure time?
I started playing video games at around the age of eight (8), so that would be the very late 80’s — 1989 to be exact. Nintendo and Game Boy were my game consoles of choice, with games like Mario Brothers keeping my attention. Since adolescence, however, my interest waned and my attention turned to graphics and web development. My playing time is now equivalent to zero (0) hours.

The effect of video games on my use of leisure time, is more indirect, being that it is my husband’s use of his leisure time that has changed the use of mine. You see, my husband plays video games now more than ever, due to a recent job layoff. After five (5) years of working in the corporate world without a raise, he is taking the time off. I am “allowing” him to play almost 24/7, and in the meanwhile, I am taking continuing education courses in order to finish my degree.

The amount of time that my husband plays video games, gives me that much more time alone in order to read, write papers and work toward a degree I should have completed long ago. In a sense, I feel it is my familial duty to take some of the burden and give my husband the rest that he deserves right now. Because of this reason, I am now filling my leisure time with academics (by choice) and I am loving it so far!

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