Zombeer — Sexual Content In Games

I am completely ‘floored’ by some of the violent and sexual content I see in these games (as I look through the Playstation store, for example). There is one game, rated ‘M’ for Mature, called “Zombeer,”…where frankly, there should be an adult rating (if there even was one). This game comes filled with might-as-well-be-naked zombie girls with huge…jugs!? Zombies, beer and….vibrating Dildos??? I have posted a short clip here but the trailer clip on PS3 is even more explicit. As professor Aaron Heresco stated, “games…in some ways act as mirrors of our own.” With this being said, what does this game say about our human desires or our representation of women? In this case specifically, one must think of it as a harmless game, “just for fun,” and nothing more, otherwise, it would raise some very difficult questions about mankind and our cognitive on several different fronts.

I should add that we have a PS3 console. Playstation’s parental controls are not extensive in my opinion and are in need of improvement. My son’s Sony sub-account has only a ‘content restricted’ or ‘not restricted’ option. If I restrict his content, he is unable to play more tame games like DC Universe. If I un-restrict the content, it opens him up to games like these (Zombeer) in the marketplace and other provocative items such as risque anime themes. All of these are rated Mature. I believe there needs to be more than an on/off switch. If there are additional controls elsewhere, then I have yet to find them and will keep searching!

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