eCLOUD — Can you dig it?

Have you ever seen the networked media — eCLOUD? I have just read about it and I have to admit, it is a little bit hard to understand.

photo: spencer lowell

According to their website, the eCLOUD is a permanent art work installed between gates 22 and 23 at the San Jose International Airport. It is a dynamic sculpture inspired by an idealized cloud, designed by Dan Goods, Nik Hafermaas and Aaron Koblin. The eCloud is made from polycarbonate tiles that can fade between transparent and opaque states. A dynamic display shows which city the eCLOUD is listening to, it’s current real time weather data, and a preview of how the eCLOUD is actually behaving.

photo: spencer lowell

Through the use of custom software and circuitry, Goods, Hafermaas and Koblin were able to simulate the look and behavior of weather patterns from around the world. The eCloud has 100 custom designed circuit boards that control the liquid crystal pixels. As information is sent from the master computer, it goes to the circuit boards, then they tell each pixel whether to turn on of off. Each board can have up to 30 pixels attached to it.

photo: spencer lowell

So basically, the polycarbonate tiles of this dynamic eCloud correspond to weather patterns of a particular city. What I still do not understand, is: how does the weather in that city dictate which tiles to turn visible or transparent? This technology and art form are so innovative, it is hard to wrap my head around it all!

To view videos re: eCloud, visit and

For more information, visit and

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